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Department of Electrical Engineering
Research Groups
The educational goal of our department is to cultivate professional officers that are capable of performing research, development, production, and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment for the armed forces. In addition to general electrical and electronic courses that are taught, special courses related to national defense, such as commandment, control, communication, intelligence, information, electro-information warfare, radar, guidance, and military devices are also taught. In order to match up with such goals, courses are classified into four professional areas:
Semiconductor and opto-electronic professional-introduction to semiconductor physics, infrared system engineering, introduction to semiconductor devices, quantum mechanics, microelectronic technology, thin-film physics, solid-state physics, microwave devices, material analysis, compound semiconductor technology.
Communication and microwave professional- signal analysis, digital signal processing, coding theory, communication system, adaptive digital signal processing, communication electronics, optical fiber communication, electromagnetics, microwave imaging, microwave engineering, phase-array antenna design and analysis, radar system, advanced electromagnetics, antenna engineering, waveguide theory, microwave network design, radar cross-section design and analysis.
Computation professional- data base, artificial intelligence, theory and experiments of microprocessor, digital image processing, computer vision, computer architecture, operating system, expert system

Control and electrical power professional- modern control, computer controlling system, digital control system, guidance controlling system, servo mechanism, random control, optimal control, estimation theory, control system, system identification.