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The educational goal of our department is to cultivate professional officers that are capable of performing research, development, production, and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment for the armed forces.altered its name as the Graduate Institute of Electronic Engineering.
To fulfill the national defense requirement of “Science & Technology Pioneer, Information & Electricity Dominance,” courses are designed according to four professional areas: (1) Control & Automation, (2) Communication & Microwave, (3) Computer, and (4) Electro-Optics & Semiconductor to provide students with fundamental knowledge in the fields of command, control, communication, intelligence, electronic warfare, radar, guidance control, and military devices.
Satellite image processing, electronic & information warfare, information security, networking simulation, secure communication, military antenna, electromagnetic pulse protection, military optic sensing technology, optic-fiber communication, military embedded chip systems, and electronic control systems of military vehicles. Our department also actively conducts technology interchange and industry-academics collaboration with military and industry.
With excellent achievements in teaching and research, our department has passed four-years accreditation of engineering and technology education held by Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan, from 2005 to 2009.